Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blogging the Suburbs

It's been a long time between blogs! (Yes, I am a master of understatement!)

Today's post is a thank you of sorts... I walk the same route to the launderette every Monday (I realize this isn't sounding like the most gripping story, but bear with me!)... On my way to the launderette this Tuesday (Monday was Memorial Day) I was walking past a rather well-maintained house when I spotted some blue cloth hanging on the gate. It seemed so out of place in front of this lovely neat house and garden... As I got closer, the blue cloth began to look familiar... "That looks a lot like my blue Hawaiian shirt" I thought, and indeed it was! It must have dropped from my basket last Monday, and the owner of the house clearly placed it out for me to find on my return.

Today, as I walked to work, I walked past another house and noticed a pair of glasses hanging on the fence... Someone must have lost them outside the house and the home-owner had left them there to be retrieved.

So thank you to those two home-owners, for being neighbours in the truest sense of the word!