Monday, January 19, 2009

Desert Island Discs

This weekend I was reacquainting myself with my CD collection (yes, I am old-school and don't have an iPod... it's sad that having CDs is "old-school"...), and I got to thinking about "Desert Island Discs". For those of you who haven't heard of it, it's a BBC radio show that has been running since 1942, where celebraties comment on the music they would want to have if stranded on a desert island (it's a little bit more complex than that, but it'll do for our purposes).

So here's my list of desert island discs:

The Commitments Soundtrack - I watched the film the other day, and it reminded me of how good this soundtrack really is. From "Mustang Sally" through to the soulful "I Can't Stand The Rain", every song is a favorite of mine, and I'll always remember my sister-in-law "Mrs JollyRgr" after hearing an average version of "Try A Little Tenderness" saying: "That song should only be sung by a soulful black man, or the fat kid from The Commitments..." and she was dead right!

Flight of the Conchords Soundtrack - Okay, so it's another soundtrack, but these guys are funny! Seriously, if you haven't heard them, go and YouTube them... I'll wait... If I'm going to be stranded on a desert island, there might be days when I need some help raising a smile, and these boys are the perfect medicine! Every song makes me laugh, especially "Business Time", "Most Beautiful Girl In The Room" and "Inner City Pressure" (where they're at their Petshop Boys-best).

Room for Squares by John Mayer - Sweetie and I had one of our first dates at the (no longer) Starwood Ampitheater, watching Marron 5 and John Mayer, so this CD has a lot of memories for both of us. We've been fans of his music ever since, and this CD has some great tracks like "No Such Thing", "3 x 5", and "My Stupid Mouth", which I can certainly relate with! Also, the CD has a periodic table on it, so what's not to like?

The Unforgettable Glenn Miller - I remember this record from when I was a kid, and the music has stayed with me... from dancing to "In The Mood", to playing "American Patrol" at my primary school graduation. I also remember my Mum going to great lengths to get a VHS copy of the "Glenn Miller Story". It's an oldie, but a goodie!

The Very Best of Crowded House - Couldn't complete this list without a good aussie/kiwi band now could I? I actually became a fan through listerning to their music played over the PA at the local supermarket where I worked, but from those humble beginnings I've become a true fan, and this CD has everything from "Don't Dream It's Over" and "It's Only Natural", to "Better Be Home Soon". Also, it's a double CD with a bonus live album, so that's more music for me!

Internationalist by Powderfinger - Lucky last (I was aiming for 5 CDs, but just couldn't do it)! My favorite band, hands down! I love all of Powderfinger's stuff, and I have all their CDs, but if I had to pick one, it would be Internationalist. From "Hindley Street" through to "Lemon Sunrise", I love every track. Especially "Good-Day Ray"!

Apologies to The Beatles, Triple J, and all classical music, but there was just too much to choose from!

Now, what about my readers? What are your desert island discs?