Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm Back!!!... and Engaged!!!

Truth be told, I'm happier about the latter than the former... It was an excellent holiday!! Some of the highlights:
- I'm engaged!!! I still can't believe Sweetie said "yes". I also can't believe how many people "suspected" it was going to happen (though I'm getting use to it!). I truly am a lucky man and Sweetie is so wonderful (I know this because Mum keeps telling me... not that I didn't know it already!).
- Mothers are always mothers... While still at the airport after arriving, Mum asked about the flights and, after I noted that Sweetie slept, Mum remarked: "That's not surprising! She looks great. You look like crap!"... Two days into our stay she remarks: "Do you have a receeding hairline?"...
- Family and friends. It was so cool seeing everyone again!! They all love Sweetie (who wouldn't!?) and she loves them.
- Beating a friend of Mouthfulofpancakes and her hubby in a WWII-style computer game. This was even more enjoyable as my character was a scientist (complete with lab-coat!).
- The Ute!! I got to drive JollyRgr's powder-blue ute, complete with "cheeky" hula-girl. It was a great ride and apart from running the battery flat (thanks again JollyRgr) and an incident with a bus (watched by JollyRgr who, unknown to us, was 4 cars back) we had a blast in what a friend described as "the manliest car I've ever driven"!
- Sydney!!! We loved Sydney and it was a perfect way to end the trip. We rode the ferries and had a ball, saw the 'Bridge, the Opera House, and the zoo, and generally had a blast! I loved the irony of stepping aboard for a sunset cruise only to hear the theme from "Titanic" playing!!!
- Too many others to mention, and I'm sure I'm missing some great ones!
Still, it's nice to be back. We really knew we were back when we were driving in the car and came across a billboard declaring "Gun Show!!"... It's good to be back! It was also nice that my lab-mates kindly decorated my office for me... Complete with pink streamers and balloons, and this little fellow: