Saturday, March 13, 2010

Me and Indy...

Dum da da dum, dum da dum! Dum da da dum, dum da dum dum dum!!!

Ah, Indiana Jones! Generations know the theme song off by heart and remember Indy shooting the sword-wielding dude... Okay, maybe only I remember the second bit!

One of my readers asked me to share my Indiana Jones story from a previous blog. Acutally there are two, completely unrelated Indiana Jones stories I will bore you with... Because I can!

When I was in high school I use to catch the bus. All 6 busses lined up in a row and waited until they were full, or they had to leave. Normally I was pretty punctual to catch the bus home, but I'd had a less than punctual week and had missed a couple of busses. I really needed to make the next bus!

I'm walking to the bus with some friends, feeling like I'm on time, when we reach the back of the sixth bus in line (my bus was third in line). As I look up, I see my bus beginning to leave!! I can't miss this bus, so I start to run! As I get closer to the bus, I realize the door is still open. I grab the pole in the doorway and swing myself onto the bus... ending up sitting on the floor next to the driver! I'm sure they weren't impressed, but they didn't throw me off and I made the bus!

Next day, I meet up with one of my friends who saw my mad dash for the bus. He proudly announced that he started humming the theme from Indiana Jones the minute I started running for the bus!

Now, that was not the Indiana Jones story that was requested, but I thought I'd tell it anyway. Here's the requested one...

As mentioned in a previous post, I made the second round of interviews for a job at a national intelligence agency. This required a trip the national capital for a series of individual and group activities (to see if I had the right stuff).

One such activity had three parts: We were taken out into the grounds of the venue to study a prepared situation laid out before us. Next, we were interviewed separately to describe the situation and how we would approach it, before finally working as a group to overcome the situation.

During my interview, I described what I saw: A series of obstacles needed to be overcome as the group would make their way through a passage to a central area. In this area was a large tarp with a small trinket in the center. I felt that the trinket was the object of the challenge.

I felt I was not clearly explaining this last part, so I called upon Indy: "You remember the scene from Indiana Jones, when Indy is stealing the golden statue and used a bag of sand to prevent the boobie-traps from being sprung? Well that's what we're going to need to do here..."

I did not get the job...