Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Simple Things

It snowed all last night! We have a fairly decent covering of snow on the ground, on houses, and on cars. Watching the snow fall and accumulate last night and this morning made me think of the simple things in life. I hope I never fail to appreciate the simple joy associated with:

- Snow. It was so wonderful to stand at the window, with Sweetie in my arms, and watch the snow falling. This morning we awoke excited to see how much snow was outside. We were not disappointed!

- Natural beauty. Sweetie came in last night and gave me a bright yellow daffodil covered in snow. Nature knows a thing or two about beauty!

- Technology. It seems a strange thing to list, but consider this: I tried to delete a file the other day only to be told "The title of this item is too large for the recycle bin"... Remarkable!

- Being able to see your breath on a cold day. Try it! There's a definite child-like joy about it.

I could go on (and I usually do!), but I won't. Everyone has some simple thing that brings them joy. Enjoy them!


Finally, I will leave you with some Latin:

"Gustatus similis pullus"

Translated: "Tastes like chicken"... Everything sounds better in Latin!