Sunday, April 1, 2007

My New Office

I have a new office. Actually, it isn't a "new" office, rather a pre-loved office. The senior postdoc in our lab has gone on to bigger and better things, and as I am now the senior postdoc in the lab (senior = only), I get the office.

So I have a huge desk, a comfortable chair, lots of shelf space, my own colour printer (we have a far better colour printer in the lab proper, but it is so slow that we've contemplated hiring an artist to paint out figure in watercolours, just to save time), and the rare chance to hide away from the hustle and bustle of the lab when I require.

In other news, cricket season has started! As the newly minted VP of the club I was pleased to see a good turn out for the first session, and we got in a couple of very entertaining games. My own performance was fair (for those who understand cricket, I am a leg-spinner and a bunny... for those who don't, this isn't some weird fetish), and I am learning more about my abilities on the field. As a bowler I have come to notice that the ocassional ball will be hit high and straight over my head, so a placed our best fielder on the boundary for the straight hit... When it came I yelled "catch it!" and turned to watch the ball sail effortlessly over the boundary, the fence around the ground, and the cars parked outside the fence... Oh well, there's always next week!


JollyRgr said...

Hmmmmm a close to thinks a bad pun perhaps!!!:-)

You could volunteer to play for India or Pakistan....maybe not

Goose said...

I'd rather play for them than coach them!