Thursday, October 4, 2007

Science: It makes me laugh, it makes me cry (Part 2)

We had a seminar today. Following on from the previous seminars this week, I was hoping for some laughs. What we got was laughable. The presentation was horrible, with the presenter having no clue, and often uttering the phrase: "the authors did something... I don't know what... Oh well, it doesn't matter." When your talk is meant to be based on a journal article and the research it presents, it does tend to matter...

In far happier news, the lost protein I talked of yesterday was found (partially at least)! Through quick thinking, and good luck we have managed to recover enough of the protein to continue with the purification. We've also managed to fix the two broken pieces of equipment. It has been a good lab day!

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Odyssey said...

We have a student seminar series where we get a talk like that about once a semester. Perhaps the worst one however, was the one where the student kept saying things like "and this experiment they did is crap"... She was wrong - the paper she was presenting was actually quite good. Her presentation was crap. As was the grade she received for it.