Sunday, November 18, 2007

An Open Letter...

To the motorists here where I live,

Please stop trying to run my Sweetie and I over. It makes me cranky.
Thank you.



JollyRgr said... that needs some explaining

Odyssey said...

I don't think you quite grasp the road rules here. Cars rule. The bigger the car, the more it rules. Woe betide anyone, man, woman, child, cute small furry creature, who gets in the way. Only people in gas-guzzling, carbon monoxide-spewing, metal behemoths belong on the road!
So there.

Goose said...

For you jollyrgr:

The other day Sweetie and I were crossing at a zebra, with a walk signal, and we were not the first people to cross. A car drives right over the zebra, so the front wheels were over the zebra, clearly paying no attention. I had to pull Sweetie out of the way.

On Friday, Sweetie, a friend and I were crossing at a different zebra. We got the walk signal, and a car turning left into the road we were crossing preceded to keep coming. We were clearly out on the crossing, so much so that he had to drive up the wrong side of the street to make the turn without hitting us! He then had the good grace to blast us with his horn.

We've had other close call recently, and it makes me cranky!

Odyssey said...

Ummm, have your perhaps considered that someone has put a contract out on you?

Goose said...

No one thinks that highly of me...