Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More quotes from your favorite forensic scientist

The following are quotes from our favorite forensic scientist, unless noted:

"You should all go to court." Student: "What do you suggest we go to court for?"

Pointing to an image of a gun: "You'd rather be at this end [the stock] than at this end [muzzle]. This end will hurt!"

"I am on record in State Courts having to explain why I was giggling while talking to the jury about semen."

On the cleanliness of hotel rooms: "I wouldn't take a polylight to a hotel room, unless you want to go [makes disgusted face] "eww!" "Eww!""

"You've got to take your hunger break when you're killing someone."

"Yes, I have found myself in some of my crime scene samples before..."

Explaining that urine in an excellent source of DNA evidence: "Guys, you should never write your name in the snow if you're going to commit a crime..."


Odyssey said...

One cool dude!

JollyRgr said...

I really like this guy!!