Thursday, June 26, 2008

It has begun...

I am know an instructor!!

I am almost one day into it and I'm loving it!

We have had the last week of Summer school and so far we have:
- Visited the University Athletics Facility (we got a tour from the "Strength and Conditioning Coach"... all 6'3" and 240 lb. of him!)
- Let the students work out at the student gym... The sight of 4 fifteen year old guys racing each other on Elipticals is just plain funny!
- We've taught them forensic blood detection (woohoo! for luminol!), PCR and DNA fingerprinting, nutrition, and analyzed biosoap (a by-product from diesel)
- Toured the General Research Facility (the have a sleep-study room, a bosy pod to measure lung capacity, BMI, etc., and the stuck me on a treadmill to measure my lung capacity... which was not that flash)

It really has been awesome!