Friday, August 22, 2008

Back to School!

It's the end of first week of School! We've had the freshmen, sophomores, and seniors attend class and it's been a fun and busy affair!

- The new Freshmen are fun and scary-intelligent! They have some crazy ideas and some downright brilliant ones. We took them up to the helipad (it has no railings... and it's on the 12th floor of the hospital! It has a spectacular view, but I stayed in the very center of the giant "H"!... We rode up to it and back in one elevator... Sure it was a large elevator, but it had 26 students and 6 adults!), we visited a worm lab (tiny, eye-lash-sized worms), and they saw nanotechnology. It was a fun day and it should be an interesting year!

- The returning Sophomores are their usual selves (if a bit taller!). We did a Science Olympics, with lots of fun events. One student was very Phelpsian in her domination of the Games, but everyone had fun! At the start of the day, while preparing for the students, I cut my finger. Nothing serious, but enough to require a bit of first aid. The humorous thing is that we had first aid training last week. During the training video on wounds (all fake, of course), I felt a little off, but quickly recovered. As the next video started, I passed out! I've never been good with blood, but who passes out in a first aid training course!?!?

- The Seniors and busy writing applications for science competitions. Each instructor advises two Seniors. One of mine is brilliant... The second, not so much! He needs a swift kick up the backside, and hopefully it gets him on track. Fingers crossed!

It starts all over again on Monday... I can't wait!


JollyRgr said...

Cheer up....the first time I passed out due to the sight of blood was in a busy emergency department of a public full uniform!

It may run in the family...:-)

Goose said...

I'm sure it does!