Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Reflections

So we're a few days into the Olympics and I have a few comments:

- As Sweetie put it, it's not a good Olympics if you're a female athlete in terms of fashion... We watched some of the parade of athletes and some of the uniforms were shocking, even more so for the women.

- The Men's 4 x 100m Freestyle Final was one of the most exciting finishes I've seen!

- Related to the above, never say you'll crush your opponents... It rarely works out in your favor!

- TV coverage: It offends me as a fan of the Olympics that the Chinese changed the swimming schedule around completely, just to suit NBC and the US public... Even if I benefit from it! To make the heats in the evening and the finals in the morning (it's normally the opposite) is unfair on the athletes, and it screws every country accept for the US, who get the finals in "prime time".

- TV coverage: The NBC Olympic coverage ends at 10pm... 11am Beijing time. Lots happens at the Olympics between 11am and 11pm (10am US time), and we see nothing! Of course, I could stay home from work and watch replays... Honestly, I'd rather stay up too late and watch the Olympics live.

- I went to uni with a guy rowing in the Mens 8. He came 4th in the last Games, so I'm hoping he medals here... Of course the faulty rudder and almost crash wasn't a great start!

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